• Artificial Turf Sales & Installation Phoenix AZ

  • Residential and Commercial

  • We install putting greens and artificial grass installation and service throughout Phoenix, AZ. We pride ourselves in our quality craftsmanship and attention to detail to ensure you get the very best putting greens and artificial grass installation possible. Most jobs under 1000 square feet can be completed in a day or two. Our installation team works together to ensure the very best putting green or artificial grass you can do.

    Commercial or Residential artificial grass is perfect for all applications as it has a tall pile height, and is highly durable for heavy traffic. Drainage is great and it is easy to maintain. Artificial turf is ideal for all pets and areas where high drainage is extremely important. It is easier to clean up pet waste and is super high durable for high traffic from pets. Artificial grass is great to have in your yard or business.

    We offer some of the highest quality artificial grass in the industry. We will come out and give you a free estimate. We truly value our customers and want to give them the very best artificial grass prices. We offer some other services as well such as pavers.

    To ensure to our customers get the very best prices available we will match or beat any other licensed company if we are comparing apples to apples materials, labor etc. some company try and cut corners when it comes to materials. They will show you one product and switch it out for another when they install. Make sure whoever you deal with is a reputable company and is licensed in the state of Arizona.